• Welcome to the WorldUnderGlass. We specialise in picture framing in Ipswich, framing pictures for you to your specifications. Alternatively, if you have a lot of picture framing that you would like to do, we offer picture framing training courses so that you can learn the skills needed to frame the pictures yourself.

    If you are interested in our picture frame workshops, please contact us or visit our course booking page for more information.

  • Are you looking for a picture framing training course? We offer a variety of picture framing workshops in Ipswich to suit your needs and abilities. Each of the modules are flexible and one-to-one to make the most of your time, allowing us to focus on your particular requirements.

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  • Hi, I’m Glyn.  Welcome to my blog for The WorldUnderGlass, my website where I can hopefully inspire you to take up my chosen hobby of picture framing.I first became interested in framing after watching a framing demonstration whilst on holiday in New Zealand.  As an enthusiastic photographer I took lots of landscape pictures whilst on holiday and my vision was to display the pictures [...]

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