Why is picture framing so expensive?

It’s because picture framing is an art that requires skill and creativity. It involves selecting the right frame, matting, and glass to enhance the artwork or photograph. The frame you choose will set the tone for the piece you’re framing. You want it to compliment the artwork or photograph, not work against it.
When it comes to picture framing, there are many different styles and materials to choose from, so you get loads of choice. Some popular styles include traditional wood frames, modern metal frames, and sleek acrylic frames. Each style has its own unique look and feel that can help enhance the artwork or photograph.
Matting is another important aspect of picture framing. It helps to create a border between the artwork or photograph and the frame. This can help draw attention to the piece and make it really stand out and pop.
Finally, glass is an important component of picture framing. At WorldUnderGlass, I have three types of glass that you can choose from. There is the standard 2mm float glass or diffused glass, which helps to minimise reflections or Artglass by Groglass, invisible, and UV protective.
All types of glass help to protect the artwork or photograph from dust, dirt, and other environmental factors that can damage it over time. There are many different types of glass available for picture framing, including UV-protective glass that can help prevent fading and protect your art for years to
For all your picture framing in Ipswich, just book an appointment with WorldUnderGlass.

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