When only a Picture Framer will do.

When only a picture framer will do
There are times when only a picture framer will do. This is because the picture you would like framed is of a non-standard size or it needs special treatment. I have a good example of this with the pictures I would like to show you today.

Sizes and Special Treatment
Firstly, the size of this picture is truly non-standard as it is quite long and not very wide. A picture framer has the right tools to make a bespoke frame that will fit this photo exactly.
This photo also needs some special treatment as it has some white paint marks on the bottom edge of the photo. With the right measurements of the mountboard these marks can easily be covered when the picture is framed.

Important Choices
There are lots of other important choices that you can make when discussing the design elements with your picture framer.
How wide would you like the mountboard border?  A wide or narrow border will dramatically change the look and feel of the picture. What colour or shade would you like the mountboard? Most framers have lots of corner samples of mountboard that you can look through and find one that will really make your image ‘pop’ and stand out.

Choosing the Right Frame
Once you have chosen the mountboard you will need to choose the frame. Frames come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose a bare wood frame made from oak, ash, maple or pine.  Or perhaps an ornate gold or silver frame would suit your picture well and this is what you are looking for. A simple black or white picture frame is sometimes all you need or perhaps a coloured frame. If this coloured frame also matches some aspect in your picture it will really make your picture zing!

Glazing Options
Once you have chosen your mountboard and frame your Picture Framer will direct you to the types of glass that are available. The standard glass is 2mm float glass however this glass will reflect any light that falls on the picture. To overcome this reflection you could opt for diffused glass which minimises most of the reflected light. Diffused glass does not eliminate the reflections altogether but it really does help to reduce the reflected light.

One of the best ranges of glass made for pictures is Groglass Artglass© AR70
This glass blocks 70% of UV light and can improve any picture eliminating the majority of visible reflections and enhancing the artwork on display. With minimized reflections, the vibrancy of colours are significantly improved, as well as the overall viewing experience in any interior. This is one of the best glazing options I have to offer and it really needs to be seen to be believed as it appears invisible in the frame.

Book an Appointment
If you have pictures that you would like framed please do give WorldUnderGlass a call and book a free appointment. I will happily help to bring out the best in your picture and give you a no-obligation quote for the framing.

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