Modern and Flat-Profile Frames for 2024

In 2024, the preference for Modern, flat-profile frame mouldings continues. These frames emphasize simplicity and elegance, steering clear of ornate and complex designs. The flat profile fits seamlessly into various interior designs, from the ultra-modern to the traditional. I have also found that Natural wood tones are at the forefront of the current framing trends. They […]

Float Framing Course for Kevin Snell on Saturday 27 January.

  It was good to meet Kevin on Saturday. He brought three pictures with him and we discussed which one would be best to frame on the course and he decided to go with the painting with lots of black lines as the black frame would really complement this picture.If you are looking for a […]

Christmas Trees

Who would have thought you could make Christmas trees with wooden frame offcuts?They do make a unique and rustic Christmas tree present for your friends and family.I began by cutting a 45° mitre cut on the  6 inch bottom piece and reducing the size of each piece by 1 inch until you have 6 pieces […]

Famous Bridge Picture

Do you recognise this famous bridge?It is a commissioned picture, painted in acrylic on canvas by local artist Lucy Parker.I have been framing Lucy’s pictures over a number years now and her pictures are very diverse. I have framed landscapes, seascapes, family portraits, houses and quite a few family dog pictures.I am looking forward to […]

Zarina and William

Hi I’m Glyn the picture framerI had the pleasure on 15th October, to run a Float Framing Course for Zarina and her son William. The photo shows William with the completed framed picture.So what exactly are float frames?They are a type of picture frame that create the illusion of the artwork floating inside the frame […]

Framing Two Glass ‘Bodies’

One of the things I love about picture framing is that the work is so varied – you never know what your next framing job is going to be.My most recent job was to frame two 3D figures made out of glass – quite a challenge!The owner gave me free range in deciding the best […]

Using the right Mountboard Colour!

I’d like to focus this week’s blog on mountboard.  It’s easy to overlook this part of framing, but it plays a very important role.  Let me explain… Mountboard is a thin piece of white, black or coloured card that art work is placed inside for decorative purposes. Similar to how the right curtains can enhance […]

Introduction to Framing 5 June 2023

I was very pleased to run an Introduction to Framing course today for Kevin Murphy. Kevin recently purchased a Keencut Mountcutter at an auction and wanted to learn how to use it and so he contacted WorldUnderGlass and setup a training course for today. I spent the beginning of the course checking out the mountcutter […]

Why is picture framing so expensive?

It’s because picture framing is an art that requires skill and creativity. It involves selecting the right frame, matting, and glass to enhance the artwork or photograph. The frame you choose will set the tone for the piece you’re framing. You want it to compliment the artwork or photograph, not work against it.When it comes […]

What is Conservation Framing?

So you have something valuable to frame? Whether it’s historical, collectable or sentimental, it’s often said the best way to preserve your art is to keep it wrapped flat in acid free materials and stored in a dark place.But that’s no way for you or your artwork to live. Conservation framing is a term used […]