Canvas Floating Frames

Floating frames are a great way to display a canvas picture. So what are they exactly? They are tray frames that are made for canvas picture that has already been stretched over a wooden stretcher frame.

A floater tray frame can be made from wood or metal. Wooden tray frames can be left as bare wood, or it can be painted using a hint of a colour that is dominant in the picture. This is a sure way to make the picture look vibrant and pop! Choose from a midnight black or a natural bare wood or maybe old-world barn wood. Perhaps just a hint of green in your floater frame would show off the green in the landscape?

Floater frames are traditionally made 5mm larger than the canvas picture, producing a 5mm shadow gap between the canvas and the frame. This gives the impression that the canvas is floating inside the frame, and anyone admiring your artwork will gain a sense of three-dimensional depth when viewing the piece.
Floater frames are used by professionals around the world, and this style is often deployed in galleries, as it truly enhances the art’s presentation.

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