How to Create a Gallery Wall

Do you have lots of pictures but are not sure how to display them? A gallery wall might be the way to go.
It’s a brilliant way of displaying your pictures and art in a unique and interesting format that is eye-catching and interesting to look at.
There are many different ways to approach a gallery wall, and it’s much easier than it looks.
Make a start by selecting the wall you wish to use. Decide if you are going for an equal spaced grid or a more random and flowing arrangement.
You can use painter’s tape to mark off the space on your wall to get it started, and it will be easy to change your mind at this stage. Keep the spaces between your pictures the same size as this will make a good display. And choose an odd number of pictures rather than an even number, as it will look more pleasing to the eye.
Depending on the look you wish to create, you can have a mix of styles of frames and colours or keep to all the same size for a more uniform look.
Think about what pictures you want to display. Are they a creative mish-mash of family photos, posters, and art pieces? Or perhaps you want to make a stunning family wall, showcasing your family photos? Either way, it’s going to look great – just have fun with it!
And you don’t just have to include just pictures. Shelves and box frames make nice little display platforms for little knick knacks or small plants.
Remember that gallery walls are very versatile, and you can make changes to the layout as often as you like!

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