Picture Framers – Tools of the Trade

One of the indispensable tools of any picture framer is the Mountcutter.
They are used to cut the mountboard to the size of the picture and then to bevel cut the window opening. They are very precise machines, and once setup, they will carry out the task of cutting the window to a fine degree of accuracy.
I have owned a number of different mountcutters in my time as a picture framer, and I started with a small and basic model. Over time, I have upgraded to bigger and more sophisticated machines and am now happy to own my final model. This is a 62-inch Keencut Futura, which is big enough for any size job and will cut the largest size manufactured mountboards.
What is special about this machine, apart from the size, is that the blades are held in a magnetic cartridge. This allows for other blades, which are set to cut deeper, and can be easily inserted to cut thicker mountboards without a lot of calibration setting adjustments.
I really like using the mountcutter, and I enjoy experimenting to see how I can bring out the best qualities in every picture.

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