Introduction to Framing 5 June 2023

I was very pleased to run an Introduction to Framing course today for Kevin Murphy. Kevin recently purchased a Keencut Mountcutter at an auction and wanted to learn how to use it and so he contacted WorldUnderGlass and setup a training course for today.

I spent the beginning of the course checking out the mountcutter and making sure the machine cut square and installing the straight and bevel blades to ensure the machine will cut-out mounts correctly.

We then proceeded with the rest of the course and Kevin learned how to measure a picture and fill out a worksheet with all the measurements for the mount and frame. Kevin cut out the window and assembled a double mountboard and then went on to mitre cut the frame, glue and fix this together with V-Nails.

He said that he thoroughly enjoyed the course and was really looking forward to framing some of his own pictures as soon as possible.

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