Christmas Trees

Who would have thought you could make Christmas trees with wooden frame offcuts?
They do make a unique and rustic Christmas tree present for your friends and family.
I began by cutting a 45° mitre cut on the  6 inch bottom piece and reducing the size of each piece by 1 inch until you have 6 pieces altogether.
I arranged the pieces on a flat surface, starting with the shortest one at the top and the longest one at the bottom and used the rebate to overlap each piece.
I attached all the pieces together by laying a trunk down the centre of the tree and used a drill and screws to attach all the pieces together.
You can also use nails or glue, but screws will make the tree more sturdy and durable.
I glued another strip of wood over the trunk to hide all the screws.
The stand was made from tray frame offcuts. 
Next came the paint job and I first sprayed the whole tree very lightly with gold paint and then a light dusting with green paint. When the paint was dry I decorated the tree with medium and small size gold stars. This was quite fiddly work so you do need some patience with this.
The finishing touch was the little electric light glued to the top of the tree.

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