Float Framing Course for Kevin Snell on Saturday 27 January.


It was good to meet Kevin on Saturday. He brought three pictures with him and we discussed which one would be best to frame on the course and he decided to go with the painting with lots of black lines as the black frame would really complement this picture.
If you are looking for a way to display your pictures with a modern and elegant touch, you might want to try a floating frame. A floating frame is a type of frame that creates the illusion of your picture floating inside the frame, without any visible borders or edges. This can enhance the visual impact of your picture and make it stand out from the wall.
We started the course off by measuring the frame and adding on the shadow gap measurement. For this picture it was a 6mm gap for each side so 12mm was added to the width and height frame dimensions.
We set about mitre cutting the tray frame, gluing the corners and leaving the glue to dry with a frame clamp around it.
The picture was centred in the frame making sure the shadow gap was even on all sides and then the picture was turned over and held in place with four small screws inserted through the back of the tray frame and into picture frame. 
Foam board was cut to fill the back of the picture and held in place with picture framers tape. Finally D-Rings were attached and picture framing cord attached and voilà – the picture was finished and could be placed on the wall and enjoyed by all.


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