About Me

Glyn Jones – Picture Framer and Trainer

Glyn has always been interested in photography and it was during a visit to New Zealand in 2006, where he took part in a picture framing demonstration that new ideas began to form and he decided that framing would be a worthwhile skill to learn.

As an avid photographer Glyn knew he soon would be able frame his own pictures and maintain full control over every aspect of the framing process. Whilst learning framing Glyn started with the basic ‘hobby’ picture framing tools. Over the years he has upgraded the tools and now has a collection worthy of any professional.

As Glyn’s framing experience grew, he gave an Introduction to Picture Framing Courses at Assington Mill, Assington, Near Sudbury UK and later continued these courses, and other more advanced courses at Victory Road in Ipswich, Suffolk

Glyn is very passionate about picture framing and is always willing to try something new to bring out the very best in each picture. 

If you have any picture framing needs or would like to discuss our Picture Framing courses, please get in touch with Glyn.

Always happy to help.